Hillary & James Part 1

Love is in the air…Hillary and James have announced their engagement for May 21, 2011. A very special couple, especially to us because Hillary is our oldest daughter and a dedicated model for TCP, we are elated about this news. A trip to the coast allowed us to get some beautiful beach images as well as snap a few in historic downtown Galveston and few on the way out at Kemah Boardwalk. We hope you enjoy these images and invite you to leave you comments and wish this couple well. We love you Hillary and James, God has great things in store for you.

 Pics after the jump…


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6 Responses to Hillary & James Part 1

  1. Beautiful, captivating photos for these two very special young people. The poses are passionate and interesting, capturing their personalities and the beauty of the ocean and Galveston. So well done!

  2. Rik! says:

    amazing! I’ve known James since he was a Sr. in High School – he is an incredible young man who comes from an amazing family. He and Hillary make a beautiful couple, I’m proud of them both!

  3. Hillary says:

    I love our pictures! They are amazing! Can’t wait for the rest of our shoots!!!

  4. Tommy says:

    Yep…just went up this morning.

  5. Cheri Head says:

    I love these! Did you just post these cuz I haven’t seen them yet and they are gorgeous!

  6. James D. Turnage says:

    The pictures look amazing! Thank you Tommy Charles Photography! :)

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