Meet Sammy…
I want to start off by saying Cami is horrible about saving things for surprises, you know the type, wants to give your present to you as soon as she buys it…so it has been a challenge to keep our 2012 Senior Image model team a surprise, but our big Debut was last night, and Sammy had the great fortune of drawing first to be released onto the blog. 
Sammy is a cheerleader at KCHS where she loves math, apparently she’s a natural.  She also participates in competition cheer and enjoys hanging out with her family and friends.  She is a busy young lady, volunteering with legacy league participating in programs such as habitat for humanity as well as holding a part time job at Landry’s in addition to going to school and her cheer, we wonder has she has had time to fit us into her busy schedule…but we are so grateful she did. She plans to attend college on a cheerleading scholarship after graduation to pursue a degree in law. 
Sammy has a beautiful smile and loves life to the fullest; she is a great sport and a lot of fun to be around.  She is excited about being a senior this year and getting ready “to go out and create her on path to greater things” and she loves being a part of our senior model team “we all get along so well and have a great time at every shoot”.  Sammy told us that she has NEVER had more fun taking pictures than with TCP, and wanted us to let you know that she has found this experience to be unique, creative and so easy to be herself!  “At TCP you always have fun! And when Tommy demonstrates the poses is classic!! :) … I just love taking pictures here!! ♥” 
We are thrilled to have her as a part of our Senior Image Model team and know that she is an awesome representative for our studio.  We wish her well as she completes her final high school journey, and are looking forward to great things from Sammy!
Without further ado…Sammy’s favorite session was the Galveston shoot where she claimed it allowed her to get down and dirty and look good doing it, …lets take a look at Sammy’s video…

some of her favorites (and ours) after the jump….

Samantha's Senior Image PhotoshootSamantha's Senior Image PhotoshootSamantha's Senior Image PhotoshootSamantha's Senior Image PhotoshootSamantha's Senior Image PhotoshootSamantha's Senior Image PhotoshootSamantha's Senior Image Photoshoot

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