A round of applause please… for Kayla,

We had a little fun with Kayla when she showed up just a tad late at our big Debut giving her a big round of applause upon her arrival, but all joking aside this MWHS senior fully took advantage of the opportunities we offer when join our Senior Image Model Team. Kayla attended all but 2 of our model sessions and her images are AMAZING. Kayla is a rare gem in our handful of exquisite jewels…she loves both sides of the camera. It isn’t every day that you find someone who loves the art of photography and enjoys being the subject of someone else’s art, I certainly don’t… my place is behind the camera, certainly not in front of it. “Photography means a lot to me as well, and I have learned a lot from TCP”. In fact, she plans to work in cosmetology (which is her favorite subject in school – she loves making people look pretty…”making people happy makes me happy”) while attending college after graduation studying photojournalism. We are so glad she counts her experience with us as part of her learning experience; it is flattering to know we are making a lasting impression. She also enjoys writing and dancing, her hobbies give her a way to express herself for who she really is and how she sees the world and we think she’s very special. When Kayla isn’t expressing herself through the arts, she is sharing herself with children, she loves kids and spends a lot of her spare time babysitting, and she says “they are just special little people”. Kayla, is looking forward to being a senior and knows that being a role model to all kids younger than herself is very important and that it means she is one step closer to the “real world.” “When Kayla has time she also enjoys hanging out with friends and having a good time, her friends make her world happyJ. This happy TCP Senior Image Model says she honestly loves everything about being a Senior Image Model, “TCP made me feel so comfortable, it was always about the models and they do whatever it takes to make you feel safe, they are wonderful people and do GREAT work. TCP, has a different view on things, and by different I mean better than most photographer’s, TCP finds the beauty in everyone. We are so blessed to have Kayla on our team and not only know that she will represent us well this school year but great things are in the future of this brilliant gem…her favorite session was at Town Green Park in the Woodlands where we were able to get a huge variety of shots…

another round of applause please as we take a look at her video…

and some of her favorites after the jump.

Kayla's Senior Image PhotosootKayla's Senior Image PhotosootKayla's Senior Image PhotosootKayla's Senior Image PhotosootKayla's Senior Image PhotosootKayla's Senior Image PhotosootKayla's Senior Image Photosoot

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