John is one of a kind…

This WHS Senior is our “one and only”, male model that is… We are always excited when we start to receive applications for our Senior Image Model program and we certainly love all of our young ladies, but guys give us an opportunity to do something different. We have known John for a long while, in fact I coached him in little league baseball about seven years ago and we consider him and his family friends. This outstanding young man is very busy…he plays baseball and football as well as in boy scouts and his schedule is very hectic, so we are honored that he chose to join our team and dedicate his valuable free time to several awesome sessions, where he was extremely cooperative and he loves being a part of this team…I mean what guy wouldn’t he was surrounded by beautiful girls at every session and I bet he was pretty excited about that, in fact he actually said that “the team is my favorite part. I believe we’ve built a special bond”. In addition to enjoying sports, John likes to listen to music and of course enjoys hanging out with his friends. He also enjoys time with his family and spending time with his brother and sisters outside. After graduation, John plans to attend a University that provides the best opportunities for his field of choice, his favorite subject is math and he says it comes naturally so we expect something involving a lot of math as his field of choice. John has worked over the summer doing yard work for those who need help. This guy is really an easy going guy who lives in the present and likes to have fun. When we asked him what being a senior means to him, he replied “ …being at the end of high school but about to start living my own life and being the best I can be”. We believe that whatever that is John will definitely achieve it. John recommends TCP to you because he says that “the photos always come out amazing…I have NEVER seen a bad shot and TCP is so easy to work with…always friendly and accepting of everyone… TCP is amazing! If you’re looking for great photos at a reasonable price and great people to work with, TCP is definitely the way to go. :) ”. We feel privileged to have this young man as one of our Senior Image Models and thrilled that he feels this way, it is what the program is about. John’s favorite session was the Galveston shoot, “because of all the different types of shots we got”…but we got a lot of different shots of John at every session…let’s take a look at his video we think you will be amazed at the very different faces John has …

and then we’ll look at a few of his favorites after the jump….

John's Senior Image PhotoshootJohn's Senior Image PhotoshootJohn's Senior Image PhotoshootJohn's Senior Image PhotoshootJohn's Senior Image PhotoshootJohn's Senior Image PhotoshootJohn's Senior Image Photoshoot

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