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Lights, camera, action…not a movie set, but definitely a star in the making.  We are thrilled to present or Senior Image Model #5 from TWCPHS Academy of Science & Technology…Michelle.  Michelle started her sessions a little later in the schedule, but it certainly didn’t slow her down.  To Michelle, being a senior means fulfilling her aspirations of childhood and making the final coat that seals years of being young and experimenting with maturity/responsibility.  Alongside this, this year serves as preparing her for who she plans to become and what role she wishes to assume in society and we know that she will make a tremendous contribution to society as well as our Senior Image Model Team.  Michelle is a very energetic and enthusiastic person who loves fresh air, trying new things, challenges, and being involved with lots of activities.  Perhaps that is what inspires her to dance…she has done ballet for 13 years, along with other forms of dance and has been a member of her school drill team for the past 5.   Michelle’s favorite subject is chemistry and she plans to attend a university after graduation to study biomedical engineering.  In her free time Michelle volunteers with her mom in the National Charity League and has held an internship at Envoy Medical.  Michelle’s favorite part of being a TCP model was “being able to express my different personalities through pictures and being part of creating a lasting image in a company”.  She is really enjoying her role as a TCP model and wants you to know “I think that other seniors should book their appointments with TCP because, for an exceptional price, they will receive a large variety of images with flexibility and power to choose the way you want to be photographed and remembered as a senior.  This was a very relaxing and fun experience with TCP staff.”  Michelle’s favorite session was the studio session because it was air-conditioned and she liked the versatility of the sets allowing us to capture different looks and moods.  I think you will agree after viewing her video that Michelle displayed a certain poise and quiet confidence in her sessions likened unto a classic “star”.   Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Michelle in her debut video…

 and a few of her favorites after the jump.

Michelle's Senior Image PhotoshootMichelle's Senior Image PhotoshootMichelle's Senior Image PhotoshootMichelle's Senior Image PhotoshootMichelle's Senior Image PhotoshootMichelle's Senior Image PhotoshootMichelle's Senior Image Photoshoot

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