Meet Michelle

Lights, camera, action…not a movie set, but definitely a star in the making.  We are thrilled to present or Senior Image Model #5 from TWCPHS Academy of Science & Technology…Michelle.  Michelle started her sessions a little later in the schedule, but it certainly didn’t slow her down.  To Michelle, being a senior means fulfilling her aspirations of childhood and making the final coat that seals years of being young and experimenting with maturity/responsibility.  Alongside this, this year serves as preparing her for who she plans to become and what role she wishes to assume in society and we know that she will make a tremendous contribution to society as well as our Senior Image Model Team.  Michelle is a very energetic and enthusiastic person who loves fresh air, trying new things, challenges, and being involved with lots of activities.  Perhaps that is what inspires her to dance…she has done ballet for 13 years, along with other forms of dance and has been a member of her school drill team for the past 5.   Michelle’s favorite subject is chemistry and she plans to attend a university after graduation to study biomedical engineering.  In her free time Michelle volunteers with her mom in the National Charity League and has held an internship at Envoy Medical.  Michelle’s favorite part of being a TCP model was “being able to express my different personalities through pictures and being part of creating a lasting image in a company”.  She is really enjoying her role as a TCP model and wants you to know “I think that other seniors should book their appointments with TCP because, for an exceptional price, they will receive a large variety of images with flexibility and power to choose the way you want to be photographed and remembered as a senior.  This was a very relaxing and fun experience with TCP staff.”  Michelle’s favorite session was the studio session because it was air-conditioned and she liked the versatility of the sets allowing us to capture different looks and moods.  I think you will agree after viewing her video that Michelle displayed a certain poise and quiet confidence in her sessions likened unto a classic “star”.   Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Michelle in her debut video…

 and a few of her favorites after the jump.

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Meet Dawn

   Dawn is all smiles, well not really but she did have a hard time putting on her “serious face” at first, but once she got the hang of it, we got a combination of great shots, both with and without smiles.  This SHS senior puts a smile on your face and warms your heart.  This young lady is beautiful both inside and out and will melt your heart when you meet her.  Dawn volunteers regularly at her church helping out wherever she can and loves spending time with her nieces and nephews, she is in a mentoring program for JH students at her church and we can only imagine she does a great job.  She loves making new friends and gets along with everyone and God is her #1.  She loves the outdoors and during the summers she works as a lifeguard at local pools.  Dawn’s favorite subject in school is math and she plans to attend Texas A & M University after graduation to pursue her engineering degree.  Dawn loves being a TCP model and says “I got to meet so many people, it was such an awesome opportunity, I couldn’t have asked for better people to take my senior pictures, Cami & Tommy were amazing and so easy to get along with”.  She is very excited about her senior year; she said it means she survived 13 years of school!  Dawn wants you to know that you should book with TCP because “they take some of the most amazing photos I have ever seen and such great people to know.  They know how to work with teenagers and are open to any opinions you have for poses and you can actually choose where you want to take your photos.  TCP is the greatest opportunity I have ever been offered and it was worth it…I am so blessed to be a model for their Senior Image Model program and I thank them tons for allowing me to do this”. We are very glad she feels that way and feel she is a blessing to us as well and know that she will be a great representative in our Model Program.
 You may not be able to tell from her photos but Dawn is a real country girl who loves hunting and rides four wheelers, her favorite session was at the Red Caboose Christmas Tree Farm where she felt like it was the perfect setting for her little country lifestyle!:) 

 Please join us while we debut her video…

 and a few of her favorites after the jump…

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John is one of a kind…

This WHS Senior is our “one and only”, male model that is… We are always excited when we start to receive applications for our Senior Image Model program and we certainly love all of our young ladies, but guys give us an opportunity to do something different. We have known John for a long while, in fact I coached him in little league baseball about seven years ago and we consider him and his family friends. This outstanding young man is very busy…he plays baseball and football as well as in boy scouts and his schedule is very hectic, so we are honored that he chose to join our team and dedicate his valuable free time to several awesome sessions, where he was extremely cooperative and he loves being a part of this team…I mean what guy wouldn’t he was surrounded by beautiful girls at every session and I bet he was pretty excited about that, in fact he actually said that “the team is my favorite part. I believe we’ve built a special bond”. In addition to enjoying sports, John likes to listen to music and of course enjoys hanging out with his friends. He also enjoys time with his family and spending time with his brother and sisters outside. After graduation, John plans to attend a University that provides the best opportunities for his field of choice, his favorite subject is math and he says it comes naturally so we expect something involving a lot of math as his field of choice. John has worked over the summer doing yard work for those who need help. This guy is really an easy going guy who lives in the present and likes to have fun. When we asked him what being a senior means to him, he replied “ …being at the end of high school but about to start living my own life and being the best I can be”. We believe that whatever that is John will definitely achieve it. John recommends TCP to you because he says that “the photos always come out amazing…I have NEVER seen a bad shot and TCP is so easy to work with…always friendly and accepting of everyone… TCP is amazing! If you’re looking for great photos at a reasonable price and great people to work with, TCP is definitely the way to go. :) ”. We feel privileged to have this young man as one of our Senior Image Models and thrilled that he feels this way, it is what the program is about. John’s favorite session was the Galveston shoot, “because of all the different types of shots we got”…but we got a lot of different shots of John at every session…let’s take a look at his video we think you will be amazed at the very different faces John has …

and then we’ll look at a few of his favorites after the jump….

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A round of applause please… for Kayla,

We had a little fun with Kayla when she showed up just a tad late at our big Debut giving her a big round of applause upon her arrival, but all joking aside this MWHS senior fully took advantage of the opportunities we offer when join our Senior Image Model Team. Kayla attended all but 2 of our model sessions and her images are AMAZING. Kayla is a rare gem in our handful of exquisite jewels…she loves both sides of the camera. It isn’t every day that you find someone who loves the art of photography and enjoys being the subject of someone else’s art, I certainly don’t… my place is behind the camera, certainly not in front of it. “Photography means a lot to me as well, and I have learned a lot from TCP”. In fact, she plans to work in cosmetology (which is her favorite subject in school – she loves making people look pretty…”making people happy makes me happy”) while attending college after graduation studying photojournalism. We are so glad she counts her experience with us as part of her learning experience; it is flattering to know we are making a lasting impression. She also enjoys writing and dancing, her hobbies give her a way to express herself for who she really is and how she sees the world and we think she’s very special. When Kayla isn’t expressing herself through the arts, she is sharing herself with children, she loves kids and spends a lot of her spare time babysitting, and she says “they are just special little people”. Kayla, is looking forward to being a senior and knows that being a role model to all kids younger than herself is very important and that it means she is one step closer to the “real world.” “When Kayla has time she also enjoys hanging out with friends and having a good time, her friends make her world happyJ. This happy TCP Senior Image Model says she honestly loves everything about being a Senior Image Model, “TCP made me feel so comfortable, it was always about the models and they do whatever it takes to make you feel safe, they are wonderful people and do GREAT work. TCP, has a different view on things, and by different I mean better than most photographer’s, TCP finds the beauty in everyone. We are so blessed to have Kayla on our team and not only know that she will represent us well this school year but great things are in the future of this brilliant gem…her favorite session was at Town Green Park in the Woodlands where we were able to get a huge variety of shots…

another round of applause please as we take a look at her video…

and some of her favorites after the jump.

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Let’s hear it for Nichole,
This WHS volleyball player loves to read and she (and her family) are BIG UT fans!  She also enjoys playing softball and tennis, competes in debate and loves hanging out with her friends.  After graduation she plans to attend the University of Texas in Austin full time.   Nichole’s favorite subjects in school are English and History.   She is well rounded and a “go-getter”.  Nichole also holds a part time job at Pizza Hut and wouldn’t you know it her favorite food is Italian, she also volunteers with various organizations through National Honor Society.   Nichole is both super excited and super nervous about being a senior even though she knows it is major stepping stone in her life and that it is only a doorway to what her future holds.
This very intelligent and beautiful young lady is a wonderful addition to our 2012 Senior Model Team.  She is really excited and loves being a TCP model, she said that she has enjoyed getting to do something new and different and has helped her gain a lot of cool and wonderful experiences.  She recommends us to you because she said she got to meet new people and “Mr. Tommy takes amazing pictures of you that you will really love! I just want to thank Mr. Tommy for working with me even when I didn’t know what I was doing. I love the pictures that he has taken of me and all the other models”.  We know that Nichole’s enthusiasm and competitive spirit will make her a huge success in our program and look forward to seeing her succeed in it as well as all of her future endeavors.  Let us take you on a tour of Nichole’s Senior Image sessions including her favorite session in Old Town Spring, where she really enjoyed all of the different settings in that shoot.   Let’s hear it again for Nichole!

Here’s her video…

and a few of her favorites after the jump…

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