Mallory’s Senior Image photoshoot

Meet Mallory…
Mallory attends The Woodlands College Park High School and performs in drumline and dance.
We asked Mallory what the best part of her shoot was, we got a pretty standard answer… “That I actually had fun even though taking pictures really isn’t my favorite thing to do.”
Yeah…we get that a lot. I figure high school kids get enough attitude without getting more from us. The EXPERIENCE is almost as important to us as the images.

Glad you had fun Mallory, oh yeah, we got some awesome pics too!

here’s her video…

and a few of her favs… Continue reading

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Alex’s SENIOR IMAGE photoshoot

Meet Alex…
Alex attends Cypress Woods High School, her hobbies consist of Cross Country, Track and Field, Softball, Cheer, and Choir as well as volunteering for her church and for the special olympics!

As for her plans after graduation? “Attending Lindenwood University,and hopefully Cheering for them!”
Alexandra is a very driven individual who feels that she can overcome any obstacle that life will throw her way.
“Being a Senior is like, the preparation of the next chapter in my life. You could also say It’s the start if the rest of my life.”

We wish you well Alex…

Here’s her video…

and a few of her favs after the jump Continue reading

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Kylie’s SENIOR IMAGE photoshoot

Meet Kylie…
Kylie loves being the center of attention, so being in front of the camera came natural to her. She was a lot of fun to work with and had so many fantastic pictures that the hardest part was narrowing down her favorites. Kylie says, “I loved getting to take pictures in different poses and the overall experience was amazing!”
Kylie plans, after graduating, include marriage, moving to California and attending UCLA.
“A senior to me means it is your last step until adulthood. It means finding out how you are, what you like and what you want to do and be in life. It is the last step in this chapter of your life!”

Here’s her video…

and a few of her favs after the jump Continue reading

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If you know me, you know that I have three kids of my own. Hillary (the oldest) has pictures all over this site. Haley has a few, but people are always asking me why I don’t have as many of her & Tre’ (my youngest). Well , it’s not because I’m not constantly trying.

Anyway…Had a shoot a while back and Haley tagged along and I finally got some of my Baby girl. Here are a few of her favorites.

Now where did that boy go?…:-)


Haley at Firethorn


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Too sexy for seniors?

We have received the following anonymous complaint for an ad that we have in a local magazine… here’s a link to the online magazine, the ad is on page 28.

P.S. We did the cover too! 😉

“The add for tommy charles photography on page 28 of the Ourlok Fall 2010 issue was most disappointing.
“The Senior Image” as it was titled presents a minor is a “sexpot” manner that I am sure offended many readers.I only hope enough other individuals contact you with objection that you rethink your endorsement of such material.”

Despite the fact that we have received numerous raves and positive feedback on this ad, as well as all of our work, and the model and mom are thrilled, there are always a few more “vocal”, old-fashioned souls that seem to gain the attention, despite their lack of command of spelling or grammar.

  All of our sessions are customized to the individual’s personal preferences and we seek to take images that reflect the subject the way they see themselves.  This is our style of photography, a little edgy, and that is what sets us apart.  We certainly don’t set out to portray our seniors as “sexpots”, (as a matter of fact we often have to stop and have our client “adjust” their clothing), however, the public is growing tired of the same “cheesy” poses traditionally taken by other photographers, and the majority of our business comes from those who are disgruntled with such experiences. 

One of the most gratifying things about what we do is when we see the self confidence that these young people gain after seeing their photos and realizing that they too are beautiful without starving themselves or resorting plastic surgery to fix some imaginary flaw, the images are just them. 

We give them options; their poses and choices of photos are theirs.  In this particular case these were our “Cypress Model’s”  favorites.  If everyone had only one opinion and one style there would only be a need for one photographer, this is America it is about the freedom of CHOICE.  We will not apologize for our style, or for giving our customers what they ask for; if a client wants the more traditional images, we shoot what they want too. 

Again this is an opinion issue and all we can do is explain our position as a company trying to stand apart with integrity and by customizing every session to the clients needs and wants. There is no way to “justify” what is acceptable to any one individual, we could never win.

Anyway, what do you think? Are these too sexy? Let us know what you think.

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