Senior Portrait FAQ

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Don’t I have to have my senior portraits done by my school’s contract photographer?

You may have to get your yearbook photo done by the contract photographer BUT you DO NOT have to spend your money there!  This is America, we have a free-market and you can spend your hard earned money anywhere you want!  Let it be Memorable, Let it beYou, Let Us Create your Senior Images!  

When should I have my senior photos taken?

The summer before your senior year is the most relaxed time, however Fall pictures can be FANTASTIC!  ( and not so hot ) .  Once school starts the clock is ticking!  Most yearbook deadlines are by December.  Technically we can take your senior photos up to a few weeks before graduation but good luck getting a spot on our waiting list, so PLAN AHEAD!

How do you pick the style or location where you shoot? 

I choose my locations and “look” based on the personality of who I am shooting.  Of course you can request a location because, after all, these are YOUR pictures, not mine!  Ultimately it’s ALL ABOUT YOU, so tell me all about you and let’s see where that takes us.  My locations are in the North Houston area.  Travel fees apply for locations outside of a 25 mile radius. 

Can I bring someone with me on the shoot? 

Of course!  Bring mom or dad or BFF or boy/girlfriend or bro/sis or anyone else who is important to you.  If you are under 18 I absolutely insist you bring someone.  But please don’t bring your whole posse– they will make fun of you, you won’t feel comfortable and it will ruin your experience. 

What should I bring with me? 

Lots of self-confidence and a willingness to have a great time!  Look at the images on this website – these are all real seniors, not professional models, but people just like you.  Before we take a single picture I will give you all the information you need for your shoot.

I’ve seen photos in ads or magazines that I like – can we try something like that? 

 Absolutely!  Show me what you got.  Challenge me – I love that stuff!!


I decided I want you to take my senior photos – now what do I do?

Cool – send us an email ( or call or text (832-640-0098) and we can set up an appointment for your Photo Session right away or do a  consultation first.  Generally I do my consultations in the evenings at my studio.  Of course I dont charge for a consultation.  It wont take long and I promise it will be worth your while.  Payment for a Photo Session is due at time of booking.


Who are you? 

I’m someone who had lame senior photos.  And no, you can’t see them.  
And I’m a creative photographer who loves what he does.